Carpet Cleaning Services


At Crystal Clean Flooring, we strive to provide the highest quality commercial and residential cleaning for your carpets and rugs. As a locally-owned cleaning company, we take it upon ourselves to provide a professional carpet cleaning service that will meet and even exceed our client’s expectations every time. We utilize top-of-the-line cleaning equipment, the most effective carpet cleaning methods, and advanced cleaning solutions to remove stains and layers of dirt. Our customized cleaning solutions avoid the use of overly harsh chemicals ensuring your floors are protected and left looking and smelling fresh. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today!

Carpet Cleaning Near Me

There are many benefits to having your carpets professionally cleaned. Over time, your carpets will wear out, especially if you have high foot traffic, pets, and children. A deep cleaning helps to remove stains and dirt from your carpet fibers prolonging its appearance. Your carpet also acts as a magnet for odors and allergens, which can affect your indoor air quality. People that suffer from asthma can see great benefits from having professional floor cleaners remove these contaminants. Additionally, you can save money on cleaning costs by hiring a professional cleaning company rather than continuously renting DIY carpet cleaning machines.

At Crystal Clean Flooring, we provide our affordable and professional carpet cleaning service to home and business owners. We have years of experience in the cleaning industry and understand how difficult it can be trying to maintain all of your cleaning standards. Our cleaning method is gentle yet effective and will leave your carpets looking clean and smelling fresh. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Our experienced cleaning specialists are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Pet Carpet Cleaning


At Crystal Clean Flooring, we understand that accidents happen. And when they do, it can be a real challenge to keep your home clean and smelling fresh. That’s why we offer a reliable and professional pet carpet cleaning and odor removal service. Our knowledgeable carpet cleaners utilize specialized enzymes and the latest floor cleaning technology to remove pet urine and the resulting odor for good. Our floor cleaning process is quick and efficient, with minimal dry time. We strive to provide the most positive customer experience and dependable results every time. As a locally-owned company, we understand the struggle that comes with owning pets and aim to ensure every homeowner has the clean and sanitary environment they deserve. So if you’re looking for a reliable and professional floor cleaning service, look no further than Crystal Clean Flooring.

Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Services

At Crystal Clean Flooring, we are committed to delivering the best carpet cleaning services available. Our state-of-the-art truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning process is designed to thoroughly flush out dirt and debris lodged deep within the carpet fibers. We carefully regulate the pressure and heat of our cleaning process to prevent over-wetting, which can damage carpet fibers or lead to unpleasant odors. In addition, our double extraction process helps to improve air quality and accelerate carpet drying time, so you can get back to enjoying your clean carpet as quickly as possible. With our professional cleaning expertise and years of experience, we are the go-to choice for home and business owners who want the most effective carpet cleaning possible. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!