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At first I was optimistic about hiring someone to clean my flooring , I spent hundreds of dollars on industrial machines thinking it would do the trick .I even bought a Kirby with the shampooing attachments which the salesman promised me it could take out any stain out. Needless to say it didn’t with dirt in my backyard and two boys the carpet was wore out and full of stains I could not get out.when I saw the results Crystal had posted on Facebook .. I had to give it a try ! not only did she get the stains out ,my carpet is full like when I first got it installed my whole house smells clean. If you own a home a business or an office and need your flooring clean I highly recommend Crystal Clean not only isShe competitive with prices her customer service is second to none she was able to get me in within 48 hours I couldn’t believe I got in so soon !!!!! thank you Crystal for your hard work you can count on me to tell my friends family and coworkers about your business!!!!

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